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What's the Word?

Una is a talented artist and a pleasure to work with. Her style is extremely distinctive and original, but at the same time familiar to anyone with an eye for a 1960's inspired psychedelic aesthetic. The work we commissioned from Una - a postcard for the Grateful Dead's 50th-anniversary concerts - was extremely well received and highly collectable. We look forward to working with her again.

                     ~Andy Bernstein,


I have had the pleasure of working with Una on a couple projects. She is a joy to work with - a very gifted artist with a great ability to turn my sketchy vision into a beautiful compelling piece of art. Furthermore, Una is a great collaborator, always on time and very easy to communicate with. Besides her talent and professionalism, Una is also a very kind, cool person.

                     ~Adam Blumenthal, Curious Sense, Inc.


I had the pleasure of working with Una when she was at EastCoast Entertainment as well as after she moved and ECE utilized her design services on a project-by-project basis. She consistently delivers great design concepts and really listens to what the client’s needs are. She is timely, professional and highly dedicated to her work and art. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

                     ~Kris Kaminski, EastCoast Entertainment


Una Toibin is a talented artist and designer who created products to develop and/or deepen our brand in print and on the web. She worked closely with us to ensure her designs supported both the business needs and emotional foundation of our organization and its events. She designed original festival posters, all of our festival signage, websites, our letterhead, business cards, and advertising. Her work is professional and on time which is so important with our time-sensitive events.

Una puts her heart into her work and works to help her clients meet their goals. Faced with a last minute request from a venue, we requested her assistance and she went above and beyond to get us up and running. Una is our go-to designer when we want something that is appealing to the public and will help us bring in customers.

                     ~Janeanne Hudson, Irish In Virginia

                       Virginia Celtic Gathering & Highland Games



I was looking for an artist who would be able to create a poster for a charity concert event when I was introduced to Una by a mutual friend.  
I shared with Una some details about the charity and asked her to create something that would incorporate a “classy psychedelic” motif and include the charity logo somehow in a “natural” manner without looking like it a sticker was pasted on top of a poster.  Simply put, Una delivered EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Her initial rough sketch looked great and when she followed up with her colorized version, it was truly spectacular.  Her ability to create an original design based on our wants and needs in such a short period of time was outstanding.  She was incredibly easy to work with and was timely in her deliverables to me. 
I would highly recommend Una to anyone looking for a graphic artist and will certainly hire her again for future events.

                     ~Steve Berger, Songs of Love, Benefit Organizer


From 1997 through 2002, I contracted Una Toibin as the company artist for Cosmic Light Computing, LLC, a software gaming company which I owned and managed. Her artwork on the CD-ROM packaging and in the game itself, as well as her work on our website, were of the highest quality. Her determination and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that her work is done in a timely manner without sacrificing quality are just two parts of many personal characteristics that make her such a great asset to any business endeavor.

In the years that followed the CD-ROM project, at my recommendation, Una has proven herself in several different tasks, such as designing the logo for a Lexis-Nexis project. She has also assisted me in my work for NASA by designing a prototype science poster. She excelled at each of those projects.

What makes Una’s work stand out above the rest is her strong artistic background, which she can apply to the needs of a company and fill those needs with truly unique, original design that allows a company to put its best foot forward.

                     ~David Bruton, Sr. Technical Writer at
                       ADNET Systems, Inc.


Una Toibin is merely the receiver through which the Other Dimension communicates with our world. Acrylic painted, these fresh images and abstract landscapes are more soothing than a full body massage.

                     ~Punchline Magazine, Richmond, Virginia


This community has colored the backdrop of my life for nearly 40 years and my artwork is deeply rooted here. If not directly through images and visual stories, then indirectly with echoes of this experience.

My sincere desire is to spark a connection to feelings that make life worth living. 



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