The Mothership: All the Years Combined

The Mothership: All the Years Combined

“There’s a band out on the highway – and they’re high stepping into town…”
                                                                                                                           -Grateful Dead

The Band:  The Grateful Dead.
The Highway:  Interstate 64.
The Town:  Hampton, Virginia.

Hampton Coliseum, for Deadheads who have ventured along the Mid-Atlantic's Golden Road in Virginia, is the place where magic happens.

As the excitement and anticipation for Dead and Company’s Fun Run shows grew in the Fall of 2019, with Hampton in the mix, a clarity of purpose emerged – to lend my personal hand to emote images of our shared experiences at such an epic venue. These are the deep sojourns and storied journeys that deserve to resonate through glyph and time. Throughout 2020 – as the world went sideways – my vision morphed and shifted, revealing fresh levels of personal meaning. Whether torrent or trickle, my heart flowed into this illustration: our communal song book of love’s own dream; a lyrical reflection of the Grateful Dead at the Mothership.

These archival laser prints are 18 x24, on 100 lb. matte stock, signed and numbered as a run of 350.


Nestled throughout the illustration you will find 53 song references, some obvious while others  more obscure. Many of the songs, as an observant eye will note, are shown with a year they were played, whether that year was either personal to me or otherwise known to have been an exceptional version.  


~Enjoy, in joy.

  • Medium:

    Adobe Photohop


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